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We have studied, worked and carried out a business abroad for many years. At moment we return with only one purpose: to serving our motherland and share our technology to environment protection.

In the face of the heavy pollution in China, we deeply feel a significant in mission, and hope to contribute our extensive experience with the world leading technology to control the pollution in China.

Review the past, the HighNew’s achievement is directly related to the social care and support.

Look forward to the future, we will keep in carrying out our leading technology to control the pollution and be responsible to social, clients, shareholders and employee. Our core value is integrity; technology, quality; and service. To provide leading technology; high quality products and client satisfied service. As a public company, we will be continuously to be integrity and law abiding business. We will diligently promote enterprise's core value, utilize the power of the capital market to develop rapidly and to create a world-class brand.

To benefit the society,I belief that we are able to provide a bright future.


Xie Zhenhua, director of the State Environmental Protection Administration of China, met Dr. Lu Qiaozhi in November 1998
Overseas Chinese President and former Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize winner (Peres Shimon) cordial meeting


Chairman introduction
George LU, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Highnew Environmental Technology Co., LTD., PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada,professorial senior engineer.

Dr. Lu started his business in Canada in his early years, mainly engaged in technology R&D and consulting services. During his doctoral and post-doctoral studies in Canada, he had published 8 papers in famous journals of chemical engineering and fluid mechanics, 3 of which are SCI papers, obtained a patent in the United States, and often attended various international academic seminars. He was invited to speak at the world's largest environmental conference (GOLBE 98). During his stay in Canada, Dr. Lu accompanied Canadian prime ministers, ministers and other dignitaries to visit China on many occasions, and actively facilitated exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada. He came to Shanghai on behalf of Canada to sign the memorandum of understanding on China-Canada environmental cooperation, and assisted relevant Canadian government departments to carry out the ISO14000 project cooperation with China's national environmental protection bureau.

After returning to China to start his own business, Dr. Lu led the team to make a number of inventions in the fields of separation, purification and wastewater treatment.Some technologies have filled the blank in China. He is a national high-level talent in the environmental protection industry, and has won the "outstanding talent award of Zhejiang overseas students ", "overseas Chinese professionals entrepreneurship award", "new overseas Chinese entrepreneurship star award"; He has been the special member of the 10th, 11th and 12th CPPCC national committee of zhejiang province. He was President of the 25th annual conference of the American society of filtration and separation, elected to be a member of the think tank on China and globalization, and served as executive director. Currently, he is a member of the executive committee of the national association of high-level talents and vice director of the special committee on chemistry and chemical industry. President of high-level talent innovation promotion association of Zhejiang future science and technology city ; President of energy, resources and environment branch of Zhejiang haigao association.


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