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HN-Hipwin summary

1. The computer simulation system for wastewater treatment is a mathematical model established on the basis of general international software. It is mainly used in municipal wastewater treatment, but also can be used in industrial wastewater treatment and mixed wastewater.

2. It can accurately simulate the degradation and transformation of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other pollutants in the wastewater treatment process, almost covering all the process units of wastewater treatment. 

3. The whole process of wastewater treatment plant can be simulated, and the change of any component or status variable in different unit processes can be traced. At the same time, more precise parameter defaults can be provided by the latest research results and test results of wastewater treatment plant.

HN-Hipwin functions and features

1. Operation simulation and problem diagnosis: conduct data collection and modeling to simulate operation for the wastewater treatment plant, diagnose all the existing problems, find out the key factors, and issue the rectification  plan.

2. Design optimization and prediction: comparison and analysis between different processing technology, and then check and ratify the economic and technical indexes, to provide the reference for the final process routes, the determination of parameters, selection of equipment. And predict various types of shock load on the system. The variation of various working conditions and fluctuation range of effluent quality are given, and the system is predicted.

3. Key equipment and precise control: on line computer monitoring is carried out on the operating parameters of key equipment such as aeration, and accurate automatic control is carried out on the aeration equipment via the value of NH4+-N.

4. Interconnection of things and digital control: the historical operation data of the wastewater treatment plant are stored and sorted, and the system will automatically adjust the operation mode and operation parameters under various working conditions after analyzing the big data.

5. Optimizing the process, achieving standard and cost reduction: optimize the operation of the wastewater plant, adjust the operation control parameters, such as reflux volume, DO, pH, dosage of reagents, etc., save reagents and energy consumption, and reduce the operation cost on the premise of ensuring the effluent meets the standard.

N and P curve in SBR period


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