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The membrane technology in water treatment is a filtration mechanism that only allows water molecules pass through membrane, but not for suspended or dissolved solids. Under a certain pressure, filtrate will be generated.

"Double membrane" (UF/RO) water treatment process, is advanced filtration technology used for solids removal regardless it is for dissolved or suspended solids removal.Double membrane process includes the "pre filter + ultrafiltration (UF) + reverse osmosis (RO)” arranged in series.Pre filter mainly uses a self-cleaning filter or multimedia filter to remove large suspended solids and colloid to protect the following UF and RO from blockage.Typical pore size for UF is between 0.01 ~ 0.1 microns, which is capable to remove most of pathogen, colloid, mud etc., UF can extend the lifespan of RO; reduce RO cleaning frequency and operational cost. RO then remove 97% of dissolved solids; the majority of COD and chromaticity to guarantee the permeate quality for reuse.

Application fields::

Wastewater reuse in Municipal sewage and other industrial
Wastewater reuse in petrochemical, oil refining and coal chemical industry
Wastewater reuse in hospital, pharmaceutical, pesticide and dyeing industry


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