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Disadvantages of conventional ozone generator

Large footprint / heavy;
Complicated in design & installation、Independent power supply;
High noise level、Requires a frequent service/ difficult to maintain;
Limited loading adjustable range、High energy consumption;
High operational cost on cooling、Explosion protection required;
Poor process flow design。

Advantages of HN ozone generator:
1、Smart design,Modular design
2、Fully upgradeable,Integrated Hi frequency power supply system,Compacted design
3、Easy installing and operating,Low noise level
4、Low Maintenance,adjustable range of 0-100%
5、Low energy consumption at approximately 8.16kwh/kg (<4 kWh/lb)
6、Low cooling requirement,Lowe operational cost
7、Safe guaranteed: UL-508A Listed / No Exposed Hi Voltage
8、Technology leader in ozone industry,Remote service & technical support

Advantages of Ozone Contact Oxidation Process:

High oxidation efficiency with a better effluent quality. Ozone increases the oxidation speed on organic matter by 5 logs, which can complete a full reaction within 30min. In this way, the footprint of the reactor has been reduced by more than 1/2

The utilization efficiency of ozone has increased by 2 or 3 times, with a low capital and operational costs. The consumption of ozone reduced by 60 ~ 70%, so it reduces the capital cost. The operational cost is reduced by 50%

Stable on Catalytic efficiency and long lifespan on the catalyst. Catalytically activated group fixed onto the porous surface of the carrier by melting, so the catalyst hardly to be removed, resistant to acid and alkali solution, mechanically strong.

At the same time, oxidation of organic matter may have function of bleach and deodorize without any secondary pollution.

Catalytic reaction facility made of stainless steel, ceramic, ABS and other anti corrosion material, the normal lifespan lasts for more than five years.


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