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HN-FLO dissolved air flotation technology generates flocs and fine air bubbles at the same time. Different from conventional dissolved air flotation, its air bubbles are formed inside and outside of the flocs, so the flocs are nearly impossible to be settled because the inside air bubbles can’t be released from the flocs.

The key achievement: Three-phase mixing with eddy current technology
Using a special three-phase mixer with eddy current achieves: high dissolved air, stretched polymer’s molecules’ chain, air bubbles formed inside and outside of the flocs. In this way, stable flocs with a low specific weight are generated. Therefore these flocs are easily to be floated and removed from the treated water.

Optimized the effectiveness of flocculate’s reagent
The new (LSGM) technology can effectively stretch polymer molecule’s chain, make it fully functioned. By doing this, the performance of the polymer can be increased ten folds.Furthermore with the help of eddy current, a fully complete mixing can be achieved. The polymer molecular chains are able to capture nearly 100% of the suspended particles. This new technology ensure a fully use of the polymer reagents and results in a cost saving on polymer consumption.

Utilize the new technology of three-phase mixer with eddy current, plus fully regulated air pressure system, the air bubbles can be formed at the same time as the flocs forming. By this way, the air bubbles can be formed inside and outside of the folcs. There is no problems with a desorption of air bubble from the flocs. This new technology revolutionize the dissolved air floatation, which eliminates makeup water system for dissolving air and the ineffectively capture the air bubbles by the flocs. In this way, high efficiency dissolved air floatation can reduce approximately 80% of footprint and significant capital cost.


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